ALONG the cobbled high street and beautiful beaches here in Falmouth there are many stories to be told, writes Leah Marshall.

Josh Billington, a 24-year-old photographer, is holding an exhibition to share the individual stories of the people in this town.

The idea was hatched by three second year event management students from the university, inspired by Humans of New York.

He set out with his camera and photographed people from all corners of Falmouth. Each portrait is striking, capturing the distinct personality of each subject.

“Peoples stories are so unique, you’ll never get the same one twice. That was enough incentive for me to do this project,” said Josh.

People have shared intimate and personal stories as part of the outdoor exhibition, which will be held at on the street wall of The Stable in Falmouth, running 24 hours each day for 1 week only.

“We’ve got outdoor lighting, it’s going to be lit up all night, it’s gonna look gorgeous. I can’t wait to see people’s faces.”

This is something that Josh wants to continue, at the exhibition there will be a book for those who feel inspired by the stories to add their own.

He would then like to take their photos, and hopefully with some help from council, he can make it into a community book.

“I want every single aspect of what the community holds. I want everything, from the very start to the very end. I don’t want to miss a single bit. My best way to do that is to capture what I thought was my project, and then offer it to the public.”

Josh has lived in many places in Cornwall, such as Gweek and Mullion, all of which he found charming, but feels Falmouth has something different about it.

Adding: “It’s a bit like you’re in a city but you’re actually in a small sea-side town.”

There is much more diversity here because the university brings in people from all over the world. And, who doesn’t want to get their degree in a picturesque town by the sea?

The exhibition hopes to bring the community together by creating a platform for everyone to share their knowledge and experience.

Sponsored by the The Stable Falmouth and The Printing Chambers comes an exclusive free display which you can visit from the 9th-15th of April at any time you like.