A little boy from Mullion really did suffer Friday the 13th bad luck when he was forced to admit to firefighters: "I can't go for a wee because my toilet seat stuck on my head." 

It really was a bad day for three-year-old Leyton from Mullion, who was trapped in the sticky situation for more than an hour until he could be freed by firefighters from the village.

Leyton, who has only just begun potty training, decided it would be funny to put the training seat over his head and ask for a photograph to be taken.

He and mum Bryony-Marie Bedford were both laughing as they emailed the image to her partner Nick – that is until it was time to take the seat off.

Falmouth Packet:

Bryony told the Packet: “I have no idea how he got it on his head. He said, ‘Look at me, I look really funny.’ “He then said, ‘Can you take it off now mum?’ and I said, ‘I can’t really – it’s stuck’.”

Bryony tried wiggling it off, then spread butter all over around his neck and the seat to see if that would slip it off. They even resorted to trying gravity, with Leyton hanging down over the sofa – but all to no avail.

After being unable to reach Nick, who was on top of scaffolding unable to answer his phone, and then Leyton’s dad, a bus driver who could also not answer, Bryony finally got through to her mum – who said the fire service was her only option.

“I didn’t want to call them straight away, I wanted to make sure it was definitely stuck. They tried with their hands too, then they got some tools and within then minutes of them coming he was free,” said Bryony.

But she said her son took it all in his stride, even continuing to watch TV while the firefighters cut him free. She added: “He found it so funny. He was loving it right up until the end, then he had enough.”

As soon as he saw the firemen arrive at is home on the Redannack Estate, the little boy told them: “I’m Leyton and I can’t go for a wee, because my toilet seat is stuck on my head.”

Falmouth Packet:

Having firefighters in his house was a particular treat for Leyton, who is obsessed with fire engines as his granddad is a fireman in Newquay.

Happily the whole situation has not put Leyton, who attends Pathways Nursery at Parc Eglos School in Helston, off potty training – although he has had to get used to a brand new seat.

The crew from Mullion Fire Station wrote on Twitter afterwards: "Friday the 13th has well and truly landed on one poor young soul here in Mullion. We were mobilised to a child with a potty stuck on his head."

The crewmember went on to joke: "Now safely free, he can hopefully have a less of a pooey day."

Falmouth Packet: