Residents fearing they will not be able to reach their own homes during this weekend’s Porthleven Food Festival have been reassured that a new access permit scheme is designed to help them rather than make life harder.

Festival organisers have this year decided to close off the central part of the village to outside traffic on Saturday and Sunday, in a bid to avoid the "irresponsible parking" that has been a complaint during previous years. Instead, visitors will be directed to dedicated parking areas and shuttle bussed in.

Passes have been distributed to residents living within the no-parking zone, to ensure they can still reach their own homes, with the option to apply for more for households with more than one car; people can also show proof of address to get past the road blocks, which will be manned by a professional company.

However, there has been anger from some residents on social media in the last week about the potential disruption to their journeys and the fact they were only just learning of the scheme - although it was actually first reported on the front page of the Helston Packet as far back as January.

One man wrote: "I get what they are trying to achieve but what a lash up. Why wasn’t this mentioned sooner? So if any of my family outside of port want to come and park at my house and walk down the village with us will have to get a permit."

Another man point blank refused to co-operate, claiming: "I won’t be showing a pass and I won’t be discussing with stewards why I should be let through, I’m born and bred here, I’ve lived here my whole life, I’ve not once been asked if I want a large invasive event right on my doorstep."

However, others were quick to defend the road closures, which were brought in after some residents were left effectively trapped in their homes due to visitors parking in front of driveways.

One supporter wrote: "Whilst this may have a couple of hiccups it’s nothing compared to the horrendous parking situation last year and it’s great that such a professional approach and solution has been sort. At least we have a good chance of being able to get our cars off of our drives.

"Pilot schemes always seem fraught but I’m sure we will all (or most) be happy residents and business owners."

Alec Short, director of Arc Live, which runs the commercial side of the event, alongside the volunteer organising committee, told the Packet: “The scheme is part of a wider traffic management plan created by JPS Traffic Management in response to previous years, where Porthleven residents have told us about irresponsible parking during the festival.

“Having assessed many options this plan has been developed to help residents access their homes during the festival and direct festival traffic to our official, edge of town parking areas.

“Previously we have asked visitors to park responsibly but not gone as far as actively deterring festival traffic from entering the town.

“It is important to understand that this is not designed to restrict access to those with a genuine need to access the centre of Porthleven during the food festival but to prevent festival traffic from entering these areas using signage and manned access points.”

Anyone needing an additional pass can visit the Festival Info Stand between 9.30am and 7pm this Friday or email