Around 60 skaters showed up to a town council meeting on Monday to support ambitious new plans for a skatepark to be built next to the Dracaena Centre.

Mayor Grenville Chappel was positive about the plans, and suggested that potential developers for flats in the area should invest in some good soundproof windows if they were concerned about noise.

If plans go ahead, the new park will have around 70 metres of flat concrete with street elements as well as ledges, hips, and pipes.

Russ Holbert, director of skatepark developers Maverick Industries, said: "It's a statement. It says 'this is what towns like Falmouth should have.' It's ambitious, but why not be ambitious?"

Russ also talked about how part of his motivation to build a world-class skatepark in Falmouth was to provide a safe place for young children to spend their time.

He mentioned the "huge population of young kids on scooters" who ride on the streets in Falmouth, and suggested that the new park would help to get them off the streets. He spoke about how people in the skateboarding community keep each other safe, with older riders making sure that the younger ones stay out of trouble.

His company has also secured funding to build a £650,000 skatepark in Newquay. Russ said at the town council meeting that the Falmouth skatepark would actually cover a larger area than the Newquay one, providing plenty of space for skateboarders, BMXers, and scooter riders. While the Newquay park will focus more on bowl ramps, the Falmouth park would be more of a street style facility.

Councillor Mathew McCarthy enthusiastically supported the plan and proposed a motion that the council give their full backing to the skatepark, which was met with a round of applause from the skaters at the meeting.

Councillor Alan Jewell raised the issue of flats potentially being developed in the area, and asked whether plans for a skatepark would put developers off because of the noise.

Talking about the old skatepark, mayor Grenville Chappel said: "Twenty years ago we had the same questions and it never came to nothing."

He went on to say: "In 1996 a councillor told me that skateboarding would be a passing fad."

Maverick have secured some public funding through section 106 grants, but more money needs to be raised. Falmouth Skatepark Project are holding a fundraising event at The Stannary on Saturday to go towards the costs of building the park.