Gyllyngvase Beach

My concern for our Blue Flag Beach.

It has come to my notice that a student invasion of this beach is now a common occurrence. The problem is the amount of fires lit on the beach at any time of the day. On Friday, April 27, Saturday the fifth and Sunday sixth of May the beach resembled a war zone with numerous fires lit at 3pm.

The smoke forced us to close our hotel windows on a very sunny day. These fires are not controlled barbeques but logs and pieces of tree branches. Also, the amounts of alcohol which is being consumed.

It is unacceptable when our guests return to the hotel telling us that our tranquil beach is a very intimidating environment.

As a resident of Falmouth for over 50 years it has now become student city. Although I don’t mind change the university is now big enough and should not be allowed to expand any more or to ruin our town and put a strain on local services like our doctors and health care for local people.

As a family hotel owner, I am now concerned the impact on our image as a resort, we don’t want become another Newquay.

The university must take some responsibility for the thousands of students that over run our town and their actions.

I look forward to your reply.

Mr Bev Andrew

General Manager

Membly Hall Hotel Falmouth

This below is taken from the University Website.


4. The University promotes a supportive, healthy, and rewarding learning environment for all staff, students, and members of the public who come into contact with the University community; such persons are expected to treat each other with sensitivity and respect at all times. Bullying, harassing, and/or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated in any form or context. The University has an Harassment Policy, which students should consult if they experience such behaviour. Any person who engages in such behaviour will have disciplinary action taken against them.

5. The use of illegal drugs and abuse of intoxicating substances on University premises is strictly forbidden.

11. Students should not create excessive noise or disturbance which may cause discomfort, inconvenience or annoyance to other members of the University or wider community. At all times students are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable and orderly manner with due regard to other people and their property.