I totally agree with the owner of The Membly Hall Hotel in the Falmouth Packet dated 09/05/18. I think the reply was lame from the university, regarding how the students are taking over our town and basically turning it into a slum.

What is wrong with our council in Cornwall that they no longer or care for the locals in this town or county?

We try not to drive around the beaches at weekends because we get caught up with traffic congestion that has blocked both sides of the road and it's a nightmare and because there are nobody policing the roads everyone gets away with it.

As for fires on the beach and drinking outside it is supposed to be illegal. Boslowick Hill at the end of the day and weekends is a accident waiting to happen. This really does need attention. Why people see the need to park obstructing blind corners is beyond me. That's my rant over. Thank you let's get back to preserving our town and county as it's unique.

Mrs Jackie Webb

Via the Packet website