I now live in Canada but once had a business in Falmouth 10/15 years ago and I just loved it there.

Long before the university was built we heard there was going to be a university for about 6,000 Students, I turned to a friend and said that was going to change Falmouth and that would bring a lot of trouble to the lovely town of Falmouth. But unfortunately it's not just Falmouth, Brighton is the same. Brighton may be bigger but that doesn't change how big or small a place may be it's still hell.

I find younger people of today only think about themselves when they are with their own age group. It also happened here in a town called Peterborough on where my sister in-law lives. Unruly children. That think they are young adults,

I really don't know what one can do about this problem, as it's world wide.

When you try and speck to them it goes in one ear and out the other, with the younger generation.

So come on Falmouth all pull together before it's to late.

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