Kind-hearted students from Pool Academy plan to travel to Tanzania to help others less fortunate than themselves.

The group has signed up to spend four weeks in East Africa in July next year with Camps International.

Will McKenzie, Pool Academy teacher, said: “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for this group of students to travel and work on real local improvement projects in Tanzania.

“We wish them all the best for their fundraising effort and the expedition in summer 2019.”

They will be living in rural communities and helping with local projects such as building classrooms, community centres or protecting wildlife.

There will also be a three-day trek through the tropical forests of the Usambara Mountains.

The trip in 2019 will cost thousands of pounds and students are now looking to come up with a number of fundraising ideas.

Julie Lax, from Camps International, said: “We have got seven travelling students from Pool Academy which

is absolutely fabulous. These students will have an amazing time and it will give them a chance to really

experience a whole different culture and environment.

“It will be four weeks away in July 2019 but it is 18 months beforehand full of fundraising and independent thinking, writing letters and make the decision on finances. So it is not just four weeks; there will be 18

months of personal development before they go.”

If anyone has any unwanted gifts of raffle items to help with fundraising, they can bring them into school