A helicopter rescue team, lifeboat and coastguard crew were called to rescue a woman from the water near the Gas Works Car Park last night (Thursday).

The crews were called out at around midnight, and arrived to find a pile of clothes of Fish Strand Quay. 

A spokesman for HM Coastguard confirmed that the helicopter was stood down as the woman managed to get out of the water, and was taken to RCH Treliske in an ambulance. She was conscious and breathing but not responding to questions.

Overall the operation took around two hours, with the coastguard crew back at base by 1.45am. 

The RNLI have released information and advice to help people understand the risks of living by the sea.

They advise people not to walk alone at night near open water, to stick to designated paths, and to beware of uneven, unstable or slippery ground.

They also suggest that people learn about tides in their area so that they do not get stuck when the tide comes in and cuts off any walkways.

If you do find yourself falling into the water unexpectedly, the RNLI say that you should take a minute to let the effects of cold water shock pass so you can get your breath back and not be in a panicked state.

You should float on your back while you adjust to the cold water and your breathing returns to normal, and you should try to find something floating to hold onto to save energy.

Once you are calm, you should call for help or try to swim to safety if possible.

If you are on the shore and see someone else in trouble, you should call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard.

You might not think about the dangers of open water very often, but according to the RNLI half of the people who die by drowning ended up in the water accidentally, so it is worth knowing how to minimise the risks.