Well, what a bank holiday that was. Normally bank holiday weekends I am either wrapped up against the cold and wind or working at the Packet, thinking: ‘Well the weather’s horrible so I don’t mind working today.’

99% of the time that is the case, but this weekend I was pretty jealous. The thought of sitting at home on the patio with a nice cold beer or a gin and tonic was very tempting, but there is a paper to get out and website to update.

However, to be honest I wouldn’t have been down the beach, too many people for my liking, scrapping for every spare piece of sand.

Which brings me to a certain subject that I believe exercises a lot of you. In this week’s letters page there is another letter blaming students for burning fires on the beaches and forcing hotel guests inside.

Now I know students get blamed for a lot of things but I am not going to entirely blame them for this. There’s a whole raft of people on the beach, including locals, who could just as well be responsible. I remember the same story many years ago before students even became an issue.

So don’t make the students scapegoats for everything bad!