The Mystery of the Missing Marker Post may sound like the title of an Enid Blyton book but is in fact the subject of an appeal from Helston Railway this week.

It refers to a "seven mile" marker post that used to stand at Truthall Halt, to mark the seven mile point on the Helston rail branch line.

With the halt now fully restored - including a replica of the pergoda that used to stand there - the Helston Railway Preservation Society is now looking for the original marker sign to put back there.

Writing on its Facebook page, the group said: "A few years ago someone kindly removed this seven mile post at Truthall Halt for safe keeping. We would like to restore it to its rightful place now that we have the station up and running again.

"If anyone is able to help us find the original we would be much obliged. If not we will build a replica - but the original would be so much nicer."

Anyone with information, or who may have the post, can get in touch via the Helston Railway page on Facebook or by emailing