Police have said they are investigating reports of "malicious communications" following the alleged shooting of a dog near St Martin.

A police spokesperson confirmed that they were also carrying out an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting of a dog, which died Friday at around 8pm.

She said: "Enquiries are currently ongoing and police are in contact with both parties in relation to this matter."

The spokesperson added that officers were investigating separate reports of malicious communications, which she said were believed to be linked to this incident.

A Facebook post written by the owner of the dead dog, which has been shared more than 180 times, claims that owner of a property near St Martin shot the 11-month-old beagle twice before she was “thrown in the river and a rock shoved on top.”

The puppy was one of a pair being exercised in the area when she is said to have run across a garden.

Falmouth Packet:

The puppy pictured with her sister and another dog

The dog owner wrote: “Dogs being beagles (domesticated working dogs) went off as they do and have done many times with no problem or worry to owner or others.

“When the dogs were making their way back to us they ran over some land (no livestock) and one got shot by the landowner then thrown in the river and a rock shoved on top.

“These dogs were 11 months old, friendly dogs. As we were close by (landowners said they heard us calling them back) this was a disgusting act.

“We heard no barking, then two gunshots - one injuring the pup, second to kill it. Then [they] disposed of the body in a disgusting way after blowing half its throat away for running through their GARDEN causing no damage.

“He has broken up a family of dogs as she lived with her mum and sister (who are now pining for her).”