People "abandoning their car like a getaway driver" is one of the roots of Porthleven's traffic problems, according to the town's mayor.

Issues over parking and traffic were at the forefront of people's minds at a public meeting with MP Derek Thomas on Saturday.

As a result, Porthleven Town Council has vowed to hold a drop-in session at the Public Hall, most likely during the first week of July.

People will be able to give their views on possible solutions, including adding or removing yellow lines, other parking restrictions and looking into the cost of a dedicated enforcement officer.

Andrew Wallis, who attended as mayor and Cornwall Councillor, said afterwards: "To be clear, there is no silver bullet that will solve all the issues or meet with everyone’s expectation. But some sort of solution needs to be found.And any solution will not happen overnight either.Any solution has to be holistic, as there is no point in just addressing one or two streets as this just pushes the problem onto another street. Furthermore, it is no good just putting yellow lines down without proper enforcement."

He thanked Mr Thomas for his time on Saturday and his offer of support in solving these issues.

Finally"No amount of lines will address people’s inconsiderate attitude of ‘who cares where I park’. In truth many of Porthleven’s parking and traffic problems will be solved by people being more considerate and actually thinking of where and how they park, rather than abandoning their car like they are a getaway driver."

Moving this issue(s) forward, I will be organising along with my fellow Town Councillors a drop in session at the Public Hall where people can give their views on what they would like to be done, including adding/removal of yellow lines, other parking restrictions and looking into the cost of employing a dedicated parking enforcement officer to name but a few areas. This meeting will take place before the 1st week of July subject to room availability.

From this the views will be collated and the town council will invite officers from Cornwall Council’s Highway Dept to see which options can be taken forward and included in a Traffic Regulation Order.

Mr Wallis said: "I would like to thank Derek for his time on Saturday as he has offered all the help he can do in solving these issues."