The universities' Director of Residences and Facilities admitted that communication over plans for student accommodation has not been good enough.

Oliver Lane, Director of Residences and Facilities at Falmouth and Exeter Plus, spoke at the annual Mabe Parish Council meeting on Thursday, going through existing plans for student accommodation and answering questions from councillors.

Mr Lane spoke about communications between the universities and the public and admitted: "What the uni has done is not be good enough at this sort of thing."

Members of the council expressed their frustration with the universities, with one councillor saying: "What really annoys me is the number of times we're given misinformation."

Mr Lane spoke about how the universities would be making a renewed effort to improve communications with the parish council and councillors thanked him, saying that those efforts would be appreciated.

He listed the existing plans for student accommodation with new developments proposed at Packsaddle Farm, the old Ocean Bowl site, Fishstrand Hill, Admiralty House on Trescobeas Road, Coachworks on Penwerris Lane, Kernick Works, Ponsharden, and Penvose.

Mr Lane mentioned that the university had promised to provide 2000 new beds as part of the agreement to raise the cap on the number of students from 5000 to 7500 last year.

He discussed some of the issues that councillors had with existing plans for accommodation, including how they were unhappy about the type of employment to be provided at the Kernick Works site.

As they stand, the plans for the site promise to provide 522 student beds and 147 new jobs in the form of co-working spaces.

At the parish council meeting, Mr Lane said that he understood that the councillors felt the co-working spaces did not represent the type of employment needed in the area.

At the Ponsharden site, plans featuring 500 student beds and residential apartments replaced earlier plans for 300 family homes on the same site.

Mr Lane disagreed with objections over the new proposal for the Ponsharden site, saying: "I don't think the bottom of a quarry is perfect for family homes."

He also spoke about the Penvose Student Village plans, and said: "If they get funding and they get out and build this, great."