FORTY-EIGHT hours of hell at sea between France and Cornwall was the only way to describe the ordeal of 10 people trapped in a 56ft boat. Some of the time they were without sails, engine or any other power and their boat was also knocked down a number of times.

Lashed by heavy seas, rain and high winds, the crew of the Heptarchy from Helford battled out the storm only to be rescued off the Lizard by lifeboat and towed to the safety of the home waters.

Back home in Constantine this week, three of those on board, Mr Time Beattie, his wife Sue and and 14-year-old son Charlie looked back on their experience and agreed they were lucky.

WHEN police went to interview a young man over the alleged fraudulent use of a car excise licence he ran out of the house, grabbed the license, and ate it.

Dennis Briggs had completely destroyed the evidence, said Mr Ron Butler, prosecuting at Falmouth-Kerrier magistrates.

TEACHERS in Falmouth and Penryn joined this week's nationwide revolt against tests for 14-year-olds.

They followed the union line in boycotting the controversial tests in defiance of Education Secretary John Patten.

There were no tests for 14-year-olds at the prescribed 1pm deadline as most teachers throughout Cornwall snubbed the Education Minister and his national curriculum tests.

At the prescribed time the pupils should have been sitting down to an English test. But in defiance of John Patten teachers at the schools have come out totally against them.

PARENTS of pupils attending Falmouth School have been asked for support in the fight against drugs.

Headmaster Mr Arthur Hosken, in a letter to parents, said some secondary schools in Cornwall had had cause to take disciplinary action in respect of pupils who had brought and used illegal substances in school.

All head teachers in the district regarded drug abuse as a very serious offence, said Mr Hosken. All would take the necessary appropriate action.

"We feel it is important that you are aware that we are united in combating this problem which is one that, regrettably, may re-occur at any time in one of our schools," said Mr Hosken.