THE people behind a Cornish initiative to provide respite holidays for Grenfell Survivors and firefighters have released a charity single as an expression of remembrance and solidarity for those affected by the devastating fire.

"Grenfell From Today" is a celebration of the community spirit that blossomed in the wake of the fire, in London and further afield. Offered in time for the anniversary of the fire on June 14t and #Green-ForGrenfellDay on June 15th, the song is supported by Grenfell United.

Ideas for the song came from charity Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, which has arranged over 250 respite holidays for Grenfell survivors and firefighters. The music is by Philip Stopford, the lyrics by Andrew Longfield and it is performed by the choristers of Truro Cathedral Choir, directed by Christopher Gray, with everyone involved gifting their expertise. The sheet music is available free to download for schools and choirs to join their voices in an act of nation-wide musical solidarity.

"Grenfell Tower Fire changed us and it still cries out for change,’ says Esmé Page, founder, Cornwall Hugs Grenfell, who envisioned the song at the six month memorial in St Paul’s Cathedral. "I felt the need for a dedicated piece of music to anchor forever both the immense loss and the legacy of love. Philip Stopford and Andrew Longfield have created just that. We hope people everywhere will join in the song’s message: that we will never forget, either the huge loss or the community we can be, when we let go of our fear and step out in love.’"

"Grenfell From Today" is available to download and stream on all digital stores. All proceeds will go equally to the charities Cornwall Hugs Grenfell and The Grenfell Foundation. The song also features on YouTube, with a video by Paul Caddis, including scenes from the response in W11 and survivors’ Cornish holi-days.

Schools, choirs and all singers everywhere can download the sheet music via and are invited to post their performances to YouTube us-ing the hashtag #GrenfellFromToday or simply #HugGrenfell, linking to

Muslim and Christian survivors checked the lyrics and last week in Cornwall six Grenfell families heard the song for the first time, responding with applause. Ed Daffarn, vice-chair of Grenfell United, who predicted the fire in 2016, said simply, "It says what we need to happen now."

Bereaved survivor, Hanan Wahabi reflected, "We really have seen strangers become friends and it captures so much of our experience this year. I’m very moved by it" and Mouna El Og-bani, survivor and secretary of Grenfell United, commented: "It touches all the people we have lost. It encourages us to look forward and rebuild our lives but never to forget Grenfell at the same time. It’s very moving.’

Soloist, George Warren (9) was among choristers who joined in activities with survivors during a recent holiday. ‘It was fun to go paddle boarding with Sara and Abem. It's even more special to sing this song for them, now that I’ve met them,’ he said.

"I was delighted to be asked by Cornwall Hugs Grenfell to write this song for the anniversary and to be part of the team that has made it happen,’ says composer, Philip Stopford, ‘My challenge was to piece together Andrew Longfield’s excellent lyrics with a melody that allows the words to be heard and music that is both memorable and singable, not just for the wonderful Truro Cathedral Choristers, but for all singers who wish to love and support these brave people.’