Dear Sir, I would like to draw attention to an issue with the parking arrangements on Customs House Quay in Falmouth.

The control and issue of tickets is in the hands of a company called “Civil Enforcement” Presumably they are employed by the Harbour Commissioners or the Council to do this.

On three separate occasions since January I have been issued with a “Parking Enforcement Notice” (PCN) and threatened with a £100 fine, in spite of the fact that I had paid and was in the possession of a valid payment ticket.

Using the tickets I was able to appeal and so far two of the notices have ben withdrawn.

The system employed by “Civil Enforcement” involves the use of a ticket machine and photography. It seems that it is unreliable and can make mistakes.

Because of this I would urge all users of the Quay park to ‘“ KEEP THEIR TICKETS”. And perhaps the authorities could find a better company to run this service.

Yours faithfully,

Jeremy Burnett.

Stratton Terrace