RED panda Koda was born at Paradise Park to mum Jai-Li almost two years ago, but last week he started a new adventure, heading off to Chester Zoo to join a resident Nima.

Keeper Donna Sinclair explains “Paradise Park participates in the Red Panda European captive breeding programme, which is why Koda has moved to form a new pairing and create his own little family.

"The training that we do here at the park meant that his transfer went very smoothly and we look forward to seeing photos and video of him in his new home at Chester Zoo.”

The species is generally quiet except for squealing and grunting by cubs, and whistling communication sounds. The red panda lives in bamboo forests on the slopes of the Himalayas, and is classed as Endangered.

It is believed that their numbers could now be as low as 2,500.

The existing population is expected to decline by 10 per cent every 10 years. Paradise Park has raised over £5,000 to help the conservation of red pandas in the wild through the

Becoming a member helps to spread the word, and you can adopt a Red Panda or sponsor a Forest Guardian. These guardians conduct awareness-building workshops in local villages and schools, as well as research for the Red Panda Network and establish community-based protected areas.