The Woodlane Monday Tea Dance club donated £215.33 to a team in the London Moonwalk marathon, which saw participants setting off at midnight to do a 26.2 mile walk, raising money for breast cancer.

Dom's Dollies are a group of 12 friends who banded together to do the walk in memory of their friend Domonique Morcom who died of breast cancer last year.

In the end, the group raised a grand total of £9622.11 to go towards breast cancer research.

Bev Sewell from Carnon Downs took part in the walk and raised £1301.13 herself. She said: "It was amazing, it was just really really great.

"It was quite humbling because everyone had their own experience with the subject, and it was such an exhilarating feeling; the camaraderie of the event."

Bev sadly lost her friend Domonique to breast cancer, and she and one of the other ladies in the group have had the disease themselves.

Bev said: "When I went through my experience, the doctors and nurses were so great I wanted to give something back, I wanted to help the people who helped me, and also people in the future.

"It felt like a real achievement, it felt really positive."

The walkers followed the 26.2 mile route through London whilst the city was lit up in pink, and watched the sunrise as they crossed the finish line.

Bev extended her gratitude to the Woodlane Monday Tea Dance club who raised money to sponsor her for the walk.

Her father, George Kingston, is a member of the group and organised a raffle and collections along with Mary Miller.

To donate to Dom's Dollies and help raise money for breast cancer research, visit: