Two games designers are raising money to print their locally based board game Pirates of Penryn.

The game involves captaining a rum runner and sailing up the Fal river to the ports of Falmouth, Flushing, and Penryn, selling rum and attacking other players.

Cait Russell, one of the game's creators, said: "The idea came from a very very long, very very boring train journey where I was going upcountry and missing Cornwall, looking out the window and going 'Do you know what? I want to make a board game!' I don't know why, it just came out of nowhere."

Cait enlisted the help of Matt Tweed, who plays in a samba band with her and is also a children's illustrator, to design some characters and bring her idea to life.

They have been working on the game for over two years and made a previous attempt to raise funds through Kickstarter in October that turned out unsuccessful.

Matt said: "It would be lovely to make this game. All the money goes to manufacturing."

The game is filled with local references, with character names being sly nods to local place names such as Mabel Burnthouse, Red Ruth and Mr and Mrs Manaccan.

Cait said: "It's fun to play but really a lot of the joy of it comes in reading all the nonsense we've put on the cards."

Morgawr, the legendary sea monster that has supposedly been sighted in the Fal river, also features as a character who attacks players and steals items off them.

Cait and Matt are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and print the game. They are hoping to raise £9000 to go towards manufacturing costs.

The pair have had backers from as far as the United States and even East Timor.

To support their fundraising and pre-order a copy of the game, visit the Pirates of Penryn website.