An action group of current and recently retired NHS clinicians, medical staff and cross party members has launched a campaign calling on the government to "Save our NHS" by significantly increasing resources - "20 per cent more by 2020."

Headed by NHS campaigner and former MP Andrew George, together with former Cornwall NHS chief Dr Colin Philip, the campaign has prepared a 'charter' demanding dramatic improvements to protect and restore the NHS and to overcome the current pressures that they claim will mean the NHS will become "unsafe".

Campaigners are organising a rally for Saturday 30th June 30, will seek support through a petition in support of their charter and will deliver birthday cards to local hospitals and NHS services on July 5 to mark 70 years of the NHS.

Dr Philip said: "Without an immediate and much greater financial injection, the NHS will continue to deteriorate. Our health service will become less safe.

"Safety is of the highest concern of any health system but the deterioration has already begun. Though the dedication of its staff has long compensated for NHS underfunding, those staff are now facing unacceptable pressure, sometimes paying personally for the inadequacy of the system within which they work."