Rising numbers of 'tombstoners' using the Prince of Wales pier as a jumping-off point have invited concern from Falmouth's police force.

Police issued a warning on social media informing people that the waters around the pier are busy with ferry services coming in and out.

They also pointed out the danger of jumping into water without knowing what lies beneath, as large objects such as shopping trolleys have been seen in the water at low tide and could pose a real hazard for jumpers.

The Falmouth & Helston Police Facebook page posted the following warning: "With the ever warming sea and weather we are seeing a rise in reports of 'tombstoning' or 'pier jumping' from The Prince Of Wale Pier and other locations.

"Not only does this activity disrupt the comings and goings of the ferry services, it also poses a risk to life due to the unknown of what's in the water below.

"At low tide you can often see large objects such as shopping trolleys which pose a danger at high tide.

"We advise all that who are thinking of tombstoning and pier jumping to head to rnli.org/safety/know-the-risks for further information on water safety."