BRONZE footprints of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston will be cast on a Falmouth quay if sufficient funding is raised.

The round-the-world sailor, who conquered the first Golden Globe race 50 years ago, returned to the scene of his success last week.

Demelza Knights, who thought of the idea, said: "Meeting Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was the motivation behind starting the campaign.

"This man should be celebrated whilst he’s alive, and we should have something permanent in Falmouth reminding us of his great achievement sailing non-stop around the globe in a time when there was no technology. It is easy to forget how difficult this must have been."

Demelza, who works for the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, has started a JustGiving crowdfunding page which aims to make £3,500 for a bronze cast to be set in North Quay.

She has already had the footprints cast thanks to Carl Owen who supplied the clay from Falmouth Pottery, Felix Packer, a local artist who set the footprints and Tremough campus.

"I've no doubt that we can get support from the likes of Falmouth Town Council and the National Maritime Museum, but I want the people of Falmouth to have something that they can call their own," she added.

"The same was done for Andy Hocking after he died - everyone loved Andy - and to do the same for Sir Robin would be fantastic from a historical point of view. It would be there long after he's gone."

Demelza recently discovered that her late grandmother Clarice Annette Truscott Hosking’s (married Basil Knights, Falmouth in King Charles the Martyr 1936) father was called Frederick Hosking.

He was known as the “The Doc” a local pharmacist in Falmouth and had three brothers, all of whom were Master Mariners (sea captains).

Captain William N Hosking (Demelza's great uncle) was also a Harbour Commissioner in Falmouth.

She added: "I couldn’t be prouder to have strong maritime connections to Falmouth, and to meet a seafaring legend who was also extremely gracious was just an absolute honour. My ancestors would have been thrilled I’m sure."

As Sir Robin’s Suhaili was berthed at Falmouth Haven marina last week, Demelza had the pleasure of speaking with him about the idea of commemorating his achievement in some way.

"He thought that the footprints were a lovely idea and agreed to visit Falmouth again for the unveiling, hopefully next year.

"Ideally, if enough money was raised, a life size statue of Sir Robin would be fantastic. So, if there are any local yacht clubs, or maritime organisations that would like to support this initiative by making a generous donation it would be gratefully received.

"It was awesome meeting a maritime seafaring hero from a time when sheer guts and determination epitomised the strength and will of what the human spirit can achieve. I’d like to give the last word to Sir Robin: 'If you believe in yourself, do it.'"

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