An ambitious project to create a geothermal-heated spa at Jubilee Pool in Penzance has been given planning approval.

Listed building consent has been granted by Cornwall Council for the project which will create a spa within the existing pool.

Drilling has already started to reach the hot rocks which will heat the water of the pool.

A design and access statement submitted as part of the listed building consent application explained how the new spa will work within the pool.

It states: “The proposal is to create a heated spa pool within the existing pool. The new spa pool will be integrated into the North-West corner of the main pool. The dividing wall will be cast in concrete and curved to mirror the wall that forms the learner pool in the North-East corner of the main pool.

“The water level within the new spa pool will range from 1m to 1.4m in depth and will contain fresh seawater heated to 35 degrees centigrade. The heat source for the pool will be from the 1,500m deep geothermal well currently being drilled in the triangular section of land outside the North-Eastern boundary of the Jubilee Pool site.

“In order to minimise heat loss from the pool, and to create as sustainable a facility as possible it is proposed to introduce a glass ‘wind break’ along the new curved wall. The wind break screen will be constructed from marine grade stainless steel posts and rail with clear glass infill panels. In addition, an inflated fabric pool cover will be deployed when the spa pool is not in use.”

The statement explains that access to the spa pool will be via steps or a new ramp with a handrail which will be built along the new curved wall separating the spa from the main pool.

All the changes to the pool are considered to be minor and planning consent has only been needed as the pool is Grade II listed.

The new spa will increase the facilities at the pool and will also mean it can open year-round.

Penzance Town Council supported the listed building consent application and the project has received wide support from across the town.