A child was accidentally locked in a car in Long Rock and had to be rescued by firefighters.

An appliance from Cornwall Fire and Rescue was called to Morrisons in Longrock near Penzance on Wednesday (June 20).

Firefighters used tools to free the trapped child from the vehicle.

In the year from April 1 2016 to May 5 2017, fire services in Cornwall received 27 calls to assist parents and carers with children in locked vehicles.

The AA says it rescues seven children from locked vehicles every day across the UK.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service have released information to educate people about the risks of becoming trapped in a car.

They say that pets, children and the elderly are most vulnerable as they are less able to cope with high temperatures and may not recognise the signs of dehydration.

The service advised people to call 999 for the emergency services if they are concerned about someone's health in a locked car, or otherwise to call a locksmith or breakdown services in less urgent situations.