The first ever Eden session sung entirely in Cornish sounds batty. Before the show began there were amused eyerolls and gentle shrugs from members of the audience at the thought of an entire set in a language that only a select few understand.

Imagine how happily Gwenno was received when she began an infectious, upbeat, dancy set on the iconic stage on a long hot summer night.

Yes, she sang wholly in Cornish and no, it didn't matter that there was no translation. The Welsh singer songwriter explained the origins and meaning of each song succinctly and almost always while laughing.

The songs were inspired by Cornwall's myths and she explores the history of the language. Of all the venues across the county, it's the Minack that would be the perfect place to hear her music, steeped as west Cornwall is in myth and legend. That said, Eden's unique marriage of futurism with nature made the natural and lush amphitheatre a magical place to hear her music.

Gwenno explained that a particular song was inspired by a letter that a German man wrote in the 18th century. He spoke 75 languages, one of which was Cornish, and he wrote a letter in the Celtic language to a dying friend, in which he wrote: "When everything is sad, don't leave like that." Her music has a poignancy born from its ancient roots but it absolutely would not be out of place on a Morcheeba album, so bright, cool and poppy as it is.

To open for Ben Howard's long awaited homecoming is no mean feat. To deliver a set entirely in Cornish is another thing. Gwenno delivered on both with infectious and joyful music that should become the sound of summer across the land.


Were you at the Eden session? What did you think?