INTERNATIONALLY known urban artist, Sketch made his distinctive mark in Porthleven when his striking new mural on the Old Lifeboat House was unveiled on Monday.

Trevor Osborne, the businessman who owns the Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company, commissioned Breage-based Sketch to create the artwork, which is painted where the Lifeboat House doors used to be when it was a working building.

It depicts local Porthleven characters, many instantly recognisable as a life-boat crew.

Mr Osborne said: "I’m always interested in encouraging new artistic ventures and had been looking for a suitable site for Sketch’s work. He had spotted the potential of the Old Lifeboat House and I am delighted that his new work will commemorate Porthleven’s heritage and pay tribute to key characters past and present in a way which is accessible to all.

Trevor Osborne said: "This is a wonderful work by Sketch, which pays tribute to the heritage of The Lifeboat House in a way which will be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. I'm delighted that it has been so well received".

Sketch added: "This is a great project for me, finally bringing contemporary urban art, in a very public space, to my home base in the South West, where it is very under-represented.

"My work tells a story in a contemporary way, and here I’m paying homage to the brave men of an earlier era who saved 50 lives, setting sail from this building in rough seas. Alongside them I’m drawing attention to the men who have shaped our community since, many through their own relationship with the sea."

Following its formal unveiling by Trevor Osborne at 7pm on Monday 2nd July, the artwork will be available for all to see and enjoy from Porthleven Pier.