Students were left smiling after taking part in their first laughter yoga session at Pool Academy this week.

A select group of students agreed to take part in the 20-minute session designed to give them a confidence boost.

The children were encouraged to do some breathing exercises by bending low and then stretching high whilst laughing. There were also some laughing games including ‘laughter shock’ which saw children tapping someone on the shoulder and then laughing out loud as if they had been given a ‘funny’ shock.

Arwen Taylor, Year 7, took part in the event and said: “It felt a little weird as I’m not used to laughing that much. The laughter shock game was very funny.”

Wilson Holbert, Year 8, said: “It will help me go into class. I have some energy now before I sit down in class.” Another student said: “It was really fun and it woke me up. It was an extremely fun thing to do and lots more people should do it.”

Teachers Sophie Stephens and Rachel Facey will be running the sessions twice a week for a selection of children. If successful they hope to roll it out to others at the school.

The sessions will start at 8.30am in the morning for 20 minutes with breathing and sound exercises.

Mrs Facey said laughing, whether forced or real, produces endorphins, making people feel happier and more positive.