THE cause of a cliff fire near Gunwalloe which burned for nearly two hours remains unknown.

The fire brigade attended the incident at Halzephron Head on Tuesday to tackle the blaze.

Although the cause is unknown, the recent period of dry weather has significantly increased the risk of fire.

A statement from the Penrose National Trust said: "The risk of Heathland fires increases dramatically during long hot and dry spells, and is added to by windy conditions. Our Ranger teams and volunteers keep a close watch for issues whilst out working, and we value feedback from other people out visiting and enjoying our sites.

"We are very grateful to the fire service for their quick and effective response, and for members of the public for reporting the fire so quickly."

Mike Hardy, National Trust lead ranger, said: "It’s upsetting to see the impact fire can have. We know the risks a single spark can cause in such dry and hot conditions.

"A discarded glass bottle or cigarette, small camp fires or disposable bbq’s all pose really significant risks in the current dry spell, and we really appreciate people’s help in reducing risks and contacting the fire service immediately if a fire is seen."