In response to the Refugees article there is a disconnect between the realities faced by many in Falmouth and the perception that we all live in a jolly seaside town with only seagulls to worry about. Whilst many of us sit in nice homes with food in the cupboards, without having to go to a food bank, and don't have to worry too much about heating or the rent, many others are not in the same position. But even the lack of basic living needs is not the whole story for some in Falmouth, so I agree with Mr Eva that it might sound unpopular but we have our own problems and families we need to house.

These families are on Falmouth's Home Choice register and are waiting, some in fear of their lives, for a home to become available.

Would Anna Gillet like to explain to them why we are flying in families from thousands of miles away to jump this horrible queue? There may not be a limit to compassion but during these years of austerity there is sadly a huge limit to our resources and surely we should be using those resources to help the many, not expending huge sums on the few.

We could print some heart wrenching photos of these local families but it would put their lives at even greater risk if we did so. There are 19,500 people, including many families on Cornwall's home choice register. Band A of the Home Choice Register reads; "Exceptional Need, Where 'Substantial' evidence from a statutory organisation, such the police, is provided which concludes that risk to life or serious harm could result if an immediate move is not obtained (includes victims of domestic violence, racial harassment, and witness intimidation)."

Sean Stratton