A BIZARRE painted circle on the road behind Swanpool nature reserve in Falmouth has created some amusing speculation on social media.

Following an inquiry by Vikki Churcher on the Falmouth and Penryn facebook page as to what the circle may be used for, several suggestions have been made.

A hedgehog roundabout was Christine Hamshaw's idea, while Melisa Gallie joked: "Maybe a trapdoor for tourists when they drill it out".

Kathryn Davidson said it could be a new bollard spot - in reference to the town centre bollard causing consternation in Falmouth, while Aly Lis said it was a "landing spot for aliens".

However, Dee Pascoe's theory may be the most insightful: "It's a door to a parallel universe where Cornwall isn't the last county. Where they claim pasties as their own invention. A strange place where many people's shoes are covered in a sticky jammy creamy mess because they keep missing the scones due to not knowing what goes on first."

Thanks for making us smile Dee!

We will try and find out what the circle is for and update on this story later.