TODAY we are launching a new series of short videos focusing on the fantastic variety and quality of shops that we have in our towns.

As the future of the high street continues to be threatened by multi-nationals and online shopping, the Packet is throwing its weight behind the businesses and their personalities which make our towns so special.

We will do our best to visit as many stores as we can, shining a light on them in a light-hearted upbeat feature designed to support and rejuvenate the retail industry.

The videos will appear here, on our website, but will also be flagged up on our Packet Newspapers facebook page. All we need you to do is like the page and give your suggestion as to who you think we should next visit.

It will be a weekly feature, so please be patient if we do not visit your recommendation straight away. We will get there eventually!

To kick us off, we visited Pip's Cafe in Penryn to try out the much-vaunted pasties which you told us were so good via facebook.

Find out what Matt Dixon thought, in a visit that was to have a rather traumatic ending....