Fal Energy Partnership has just launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a community energy project.

The project aims to raise £10,000 that will be used to install solar panels on the roof of the Dracaena Centre, a community hub in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Electricity from the project will be sold back to the centre at a lower rate than they could buy it elsewhere, freeing up more funds for the charity’s invaluable work.

FEP launched the crowd funding campaign at the weekend and the page will remain active until midnight on July 27.

Louise Allen from FEP said: “To us it’s a no brainer – with all the sun that we enjoy here in Falmouth it makes perfect sense to put solar panels on as many roofs as possible.

“The electricity supplied to the Dracaena Centre will be green and renewable, and will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“We really value the Dracaena Centre and all the hard work put in by the staff there, and want to give them something back.

“What’s more, the money spent on electricity through FEP will stay in the local economy and be used for future community energy projects like improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel poverty.”

According to Cornwall Council figures, 98 per cent of the £1bn spent on energy annually in Cornwall leaves the local economy, and the FEP want to turn that tide.

She added: “Shopping local is great, and there is no reason you have to limit yourself to buying groceries locally.

“We aim to supply electricity to the local community that has been generated locally in an eco-friendly way.

“That way the money will stay in the local economy and go towards the services we need, and Cornwall’s carbon footprint will be that bit smaller.”

The Dracaena Centre is a community facility right at the heart of Falmouth, and they make 43,000 contacts per year – an average of 118 visitors per day.

They aim to create a healthy, happy and mutually supportive community by creating opportunities for individuals and groups to develop in a range of ways.

Anne Bennett, a local resident who uses the centre every week, said "I use the centre because of the camaraderie, the exercise and the fun. For some people here it is the only time they talk to another person all week. It's a very special place."

The Dracaena Centre is committed to promoting open and equal access to its activities and strengthening the communities it serves.

Help the Fal Energy Partnership by pledging at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/solar-for-dracaena