As football frenzy takes over the nation, with England tonight attempting to reach the final of the World Cup for only the second time in history, a primary school in Helston has taken an usual step - introducing a "football ban."

The national team might be trying to "bring it home," but at Parc Eglos School that's where footballs already have to stay, after pupils were told not to bring in their own following rather too much injury time occurring.

Before parents and pupils kick off, however, football is not banned entirely. Indeed, the school team members are Cornwall champions in the sport, winning seven trophies during the last season alone.

Children are still able to play during breaks and lunchtime, just using footballs provided by the school, with the school's pupil sports leaders organising games.

Trying to avoid an own goal is headteacher Brett Dye, who has defended his corner saying: "We have just got organised football. We feel, like Gareth Southgate, that we would like to play as a team and work together, and not have random football games all over the place.

"We provide our own Fifa-approved balls for lunchtimes and break times."

As a football fan himself - not to mention his team's top scorer for ten years' running when he played for a league in Halifax - Mr Dye added that he would never stop children playing football.

Of course, while the headteacher readily acknowledges the ironic timing of the ban, there is a serious reason behind the red carded balls. Pupils getting caught up in the football fever had been kicking their own balls around at every opportunity - with one even hitting a staff member on the head, causing injury.

Writing in the school newsletter under the title "Football ban," Mr Dye said: "We have had several incidents and injuries with footballs in the morning and at lunchtimes.

"Please could we please ask that children do not bring footballs to school. Children will be able to play football but this will be on a supervised basis, using balls provided by the school. Thank you for your understanding."