RNLI lifeguards rescued a mother and daughter kayaking on Sunday afternoon after they were spotted struggling against the strong offshore wind.

The two casualties, a mother and daughter who were sharing a kayak in the sea at Praa Sands, were spotted struggling some 200m off shore.

RNLI lifeguards Anna Steele-Perkins and Kieran Roberts immediately launched their inshore rescue boat to go and assist.

Once they had reached the pair, the lifeguards helped them into the boat and back to shore. The lifeguards then returned for the kayak and towed it back.

Falmouth Packet:

This was the second rescue of the day for the RNLI lifeguards at Praa Sands. Earlier on Sunday two stand up paddleboarders were also being pushed out to sea in the strong wind, with both brought back to shore by the lifeguards in the inshore rescue boat.

Adam Harris, RNLI lifeguard supervisor for the area, said: "Although the weather and surf conditions on Sunday were good, the casualties in both instances were struggling against a strong offshore wind that was pushing them out to sea.

"Due to the light, buoyant design of a stand up paddle board, in an offshore breeze, you can easily find yourself a long way from the shore and it can be difficult to get back. The RNLI always advises to avoid paddleboarding in offshore winds and to take a form of communication out with you in case you do find yourself in difficulty.

"When kayaking, the RNLI advises to carry a means of calling for help and to keep within reach of the shore. Due to the location of the casualties on Sunday afternoon lifeguards were easily able to reach and assist them when they became in trouble."