At a meeting on Friday (July 6), around 30 concerned parents pledged to complain to Ofsted about Falmouth School's senior management.

One of the major concerns at the meeting was the C1/C2/C3 behaviour policy, which parents claim can see a child put in 'inclusion,' a punishment which isolates them for the rest of the day, reportedly for offences as trivial as smiling during class.

They also claim that the heads of the school are unaccountable to parents, as the both the Head of School and Head Teacher are on the board of governors when there are no parent governors.

Councillor Anna Gillett, who is also a parent at the school, said: "The school needs to make an effort to improve relationships with the community, and part of that is not ignoring parents when they come to them with issues.

"There is no evidence that they're actually addressing the concerns of parents in a restorative way."

Councillor David Saunby said: "It seems to me that this school is more concerned about their reputation than education."

Ellie McCann, whose daughter goes to Falmouth School, said: "None of us have a problem with disciplining our children, it's just doing it in the right way.

"You can't say that a pair of trousers will make the difference between my daughter getting an A grade and getting booted out of school."

When approached for comment, Head of School Alex George said: "Falmouth School has the highest aspiration for the children of Falmouth. We welcome any individual family wishing to contact us to speak about any part of their own child’s education.

"As a Head of School, the Local Advisory Board hold me to account and I am also held to account by the Board of Falmouth Multi Academies Trust [MAT] not to mention all of the other supervisory bodies involved in education.”

Falmouth MAT is a partnership of Falmouth School, King Charles Primary School, and St Francis C of E School.

Falmouth School Headteacher Brett Miners is the CEO of Falmouth MAT and also sits on the school's board of governors alongside Mr George, Pip Iles and Shaun Moore, who are all employees of the school.