More than 4500 students from Cornish primary and secondary schools headed to Penryn and Carn Brea Leisure Centre to compete in the 2018 Cornwall School Games (CSG), sponsored by the University of Exeter, making it the largest Cornwall School Games since it began in 2011.

Held across nine venues: Penryn College, Penryn Campus, Penryn Bowling Club, St Gluvias Cricket Club, Penryn Football Club, Penryn Rugby Football Club, Carn Brea Leisure Centre, Mount Hawke Skate Park, Cornwall BMX Club and Redruth Tennis Club, competitors took part in over 100 events in 25 different sports including swimming, netball, cricket, football, skate and scoot, golf, gymnastics plus, new for this year, BMX at Cornwall BMX Club.

There were also a number of Project Ability competitions held, making this a fully inclusive event catering for all young people. The games also included some events for young people that don’t normally represent their school, giving more young people than ever the opportunity to feel inspired by PE and school sport.

Rachel Knott from Cornwall Sports Partnership and lead organiser of the CSG said: “An event of this scale wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, passion and dedication of the volunteers, young people and school staff over the entire year. Without a shadow of doubt, seeing the excitement and joy on the competitors’ faces was wonderful and is why we do our jobs."

The day started with competitors watching an inspirational opening ceremony filled with music and dancing, presented by Heart FM’s Adam Lawrance, who said: “What an amazing event! It was so exciting to host the 2018 Cornwall School Games. Days like today are important for getting outside and enjoying sports, but more so for enjoying working as a team. I met so many young and inspiring stars of the future! – well done everyone!”

Heart FM has supported the Cornwall School Games for a number of years, allowing it to reach a wider audience than just those competing on the day.

Competitors were also supported on the day by GB pole vaulter Molly Caudrey who recently smashed the junior British record.

Molly said: “I was really excited to be a part of the Cornwall School Games and to be able to talk in the opening ceremony. I remember I was participating at the games not long ago myself so it's nice to be able to come back and hopefully inspire some of the students there.”

Also, professional inline skater Rich Parker supported the competitors at Carn Brea Leisure Centre and got the crowd going with a demonstration at Mount Hawke Skate Park.

Rich said: “It was extremely exciting to be part of the 2018 Cornwall School Games. It’s great to see such a variety of different sports included. With so many talented young athletes in Cornwall it was such an inspirational day.”

The games engaged with even more young people than just those competing in sporting events by including song writing, pennant designing, open mic, surf board designing plus other activities all focused on the values of the games: passion, determination, honesty, teamwork, respect and self-belief.

There were also over 1000 primary school children who took part in The Daily Mile during the games, which was launched in Cornwall on January 15 2018. Since then, over 33 primary schools have signed up to The Daily Mile.

This was the final event of an action packed week as the Beach Games took place on Wednesday, June 27 at Perranporth Beach.

Over 800 competitors took part in volleyball, surf lifesaving, surfing, bodyboarding and rounders.

The CSG 2018 has been organised in partnership by Cornwall Sports Partnership, local games organisers, Cornwall schools and head teachers as part of the local organising committee.

Paul Walker, head teacher at host venue Penryn College said: “It was an honour to once again host the Cornwall Games. It was wonderful to see all the young people having such a good time and performing with such skill and sense of fair play. It was also fabulous to see over 300 young people leading and supporting the event. We are very proud of them all.”

An instrumental part of the CSG's success is down to the 300 young volunteers who have been trained as Cornwall School Games Makers. The Cornwall School Games Organisers have said that they are appreciative of the volunteers and their efforts.

The games, which were piloted in 2011 in Cornwall, saw over 1000 students from 32 schools compete in a number of sporting events, the School Games now takes place in all counties across the country.

The School Games continue to grow each year here in Cornwall with approximately 20,000 Cornish primary and secondary students from 200 Cornish schools being part of the CSG each year.

Tim Marrion, manager at Cornwall Sports Partnership said: “The Cornwall School Games grows each year with more and more young people taking part and being inspired to go on and be active for life. None of which would be possible without the hard work of others and the funding we receive locally from the University of Exeter and nationally from the National Lottery, so everyone please keep buying your lottery tickets so we can keep on inspiring the next generation!”

In 2017, the CSG announced a new partnership with the University of Exeter to inspire more young people to be engaged in physical activity through the School Games.

The University of Exeter, which has two campuses in Cornwall, Penryn & Truro, are sponsoring the CSG for three years to enable more young people to be inspired by PE and school sport.

Ruth Grimmer from the University of Exeter said: “What an amazing day celebrating sport with the young people of Cornwall! I love the breadth and inclusivity of the games and am delighted we could co-host the event this year. It was also a pleasure to welcome so many young people and visitors onto campus. Well done to everyone who took part, not only today but also in the events at every level across the year.”