I note the letter about the Princess Pavilion: Has anyone any real about idea what is going on? The long-time manager has recently left because she couldn't stand it anymore. The temporary parachuted in manager is to leave by the end of the year. The events manager is in the process of taking the managing company to court and is banned from every GLL site in the country. All the bar supervisors have taken redundancy or left. The chef, who was so recently featured in The Packet returning after a break of service has already left again because the place is now a shambles; even the pot washer has gone and the cleaner is on long-term sick!

There are no seasonal programmes, all advertising appears to have stopped, the poster boards in the town aren't kept up to date and anyway, there are hardly any shows or concerts anymore: even the Sunday evening band concerts have been cancelled!

After all the work to save it and make it one of the best music venues in the county, I fear it was all for nothing and it can't be long before it closes for good. Yet with Hall for Cornwall closed it should be booming. Perhaps it should be renamed: The Princess Oblivion! And the real culprits? The owners - Cornwall Council, who have let this disgraceful decline happen!

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