I am writing in response to recent coverage of a local group's plan to resettle a refugee family in Falmouth through a community sponsorship. I have recently moved to this area and am involved with the charity that has resettled two refugee families in Bude.

When we first mooted the idea there of a community sponsorship, which is a scheme where the group takes on the responsibility to help resettle the families, there was overwhelming support and generosity for our plan. But a few people made the point about helping 'our own' first.

In response I would say that it should not be either/or. Compassion isn't limited, although currently our public resources are. This could be different. Our country is one of the world's wealthiest. Austerity is a political choice, which hurts the most vulnerable most, while those who caused the financial crisis are unaffected.

The Community Sponsorship project ensures that the family has our support, both financial and practical, to learn English, find a home (not from council housing stock) find work, be part of Cornwall and, most importantly, feel safe. Perhaps this approach could help people with other needs.

Cornwall has a proud tradition of welcoming and helping people in need. Let's carry on with that, wherever they come from.

Ellie Stacey

By email