Several years ago The Packet published a letter from me in which I bemoaned the wanton disposal of litter along Swanpool Road in Falmouth. I would have hoped that by now people generally would have taken note of how this practice defaces the environment. Alas, this is not the case and I venture to say that the situation has deteriorated.

Of course, whenever I broach this subject with locals they immediately point the finger at holiday-makers. However, I doubt these visitors are solely to blame. A case in point: a few nights ago on Swanpool beach a group of youngsters departed for home leaving behind a collection of plastic bottles and cans in the area they had occupied since the afternoon. When my wife and I asked them -politely - to please take their litter with them we were met with a volley of abuse and basically given the finger. My wife ended up picking up the litter and disposing of it in the appropriate recycling bins.The next day at Stack Point we were greeted by another collection of bottles and cans that had been left behind by someone equally as irresponsible as the beach group.

I find it almost unbelievable that in this day and age and, especially after the screening of Blue Planet 2, there are still people who either have not heard about the danger plastic holds for our oceans and the environment, or simply couldn't give a hoot.

Surely it's time for the authorities to come up with some kind of plan to educate these people rather than leave it to Surfers Against Sewage and other bodies to organise beach clean-ups. Why should they have to carry the can for the lazy and uncaring?

Ken Loots