A YOUNG Truro College student has posted a perfect score in her International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Alanna Gardella’s result of 45 out of 45 points should place her in the top one per cent of IB Diploma students globally. The perfect score is equivalent to more than four A* grades or five A grades at A Level.

This top score has remained a rare achievement throughout the years of the IB. Indeed, in 2016 when fellow Truro College student Lowenna Ovens was awarded 45, only 146 out of 150,000 IB students worldwide achieved a perfect score.

Alanna is now preparing to leave for Durham University where she will study Law in September.

“When I first saw my results I almost couldn’t believe it,” said a delighted Alanna. “I am ecstatic but I definitely didn’t achieve this with ease – I worked as hard as I could from the beginning. I think that if you put in the work and stay organised with revision from the start of the course, this result is achievable for anyone.”

The IB Diploma offers students the chance to challenge themselves while enjoying a range of six core subject areas including Languages, Science, Mathematics and the Arts.

On choosing the IB, Alanna said: “I’d say that although the IB was challenging, it was a very rewarding experience that always required hard work and focus, especially because you have to use such a wide range of skills in the different IB subjects.”

While Alanna’s hard work was certainly the deciding factor in her top results, Alanna felt that the IB itself and how it is delivered at the College helped her achieve her results. “I think one of the great things about the IB is that because we are such a tiny group, classes are much smaller.

"This means there can be more focus on each individual student and creates a close, friendly atmosphere, which likely helped to increase my performance in lectures and exams.”

The College’s provision of the diploma saw great success this year as the 40 graduating students achieved an average point score of 36, which is equivalent to three A* grades and one A grade at A Level, well above the global average of 29.78.

Caroline Keech, the IB Diploma Coordinator at the College, said: “To achieve the maximum 45 point score is such a fantastic achievement and an absolute testament to the hard work and dedication that Alanna has put in every step of the way in her studies with us. We are incredibly proud of her and wish her the best of luck at Durham and beyond.”