A FATHER of three has criticised drivers who are being diverted past his house due to roadworks in Falmouth.

The 39 year-old, who preferred not to be named, believes an accident is likely to happen involving children or animals as cars are re-routed through Bosmeor Road to avoid Mongleath Road, which is currently closed.

"Drivers have mounted the kerb to get through and they're treating it as a rat run, not a diversion. They're not driving with any caution," he said.

With schools now on holiday for the summer, children are often at home and playing in the area, but the man's wife has told their ten year old son not to walk the local shop.

"A dumper truck pulled up on the pavement right in front of him last week. We made a complaint to the company and we believe it's been dealt with, as the trucks are now driving more carefully.

"I've experienced aggression from other drivers, who have virtually pushed me out of the way like bumper cars. There have been several near misses too," she said. 

Another Bosmeor Road resident, Will Marshall, said his dog had been hit by a car.

He said: “She just trotted down the driveway and I heard a thump. I’m quite surprised she was alright, I don’t know if she would have been so lucky if it was someone else.”

Roadworks in Mongleath Road are due to finish in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, Mark thinks the best solution would be to put in temporary rubber traffic calming strips.