Coastguards have confirmed that what was feared to be an empty life raft found floating at the foot of cliffs at The Lizard was in fact simply an inflatable boat. 

The orange/red craft was discovered partially submerged yesterday morning.

As a result, Mullion Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team was called to Caerthillian Cove, at around 9.15am.

The raft was in the water between rocks and, due to the tide and the rough seas, it was not possible to access the boat.

Instead, the team called for back up from the Lizard Lifeboat, with the crew carrying out an extensive search of the area for casualties with none found, an no one having been reported missing.

The team returned to the area at low tide , to see if the boat could be removed and to gather more information.

It was then discovered to be an inflatable boat, the kind used by beach goers, rather than an emergency craft.