What is the point of having Article 4, which was meant to protect areas from having too many HMOs (house of multiple occupation) student accommodation?

Once more we see family homes in this area, Marlborough Road, Budock Terrace, Merrill Place, to name but a few, changed into student accommodation, which again depletes the housing market and also makes it more expensive for local young families to get on the housing market.

In recent weeks Falmouth Town Council refused planning for such a house, but it went to appeal and the planning officer passed it.

So it seems that even our elected Town Council does not have the authority to stop more houses being changed into student accommodation. From personal experiences I know only too well that young local people and families can no longer afford to live in their community. It is also well documented the detrimental affect that HMOs have on an area and its community.

Does anybody know how many Student Houses are in Falmouth, legal and illegal?

A concerned resident.

Mr Arno Canale

Budock Terrace