A Falmouth Monopoly board is in the works, and the people behind it are looking for suggestions from Packet readers.

The game will feature the town's most recognisable landmarks, attractions and businesses, and will also include bespoke Monopoly pieces especially designed for the edition.

Afo Omotola from Winning Moves, the company behind the game, said that Falmouth was the only Cornish town that would be getting its own board and that it was chosen because of its beaches, restaurants and popularity with tourists.

The company is also making a Top Trumps game featuring "30 Things to See in Falmouth."

Before you get your hopes up, Falmouth Monopoly will not be released until March 2019, when Mr Monopoly will come to town with a giant board for the official launch.

Now though, the company needs your help to choose the most iconic Falmouth spots to fill the board from the coveted Mayfair square to humble Old Kent Road.

After passing go, players will make their way past local monuments on the brown squares and move on to museums, sporting/leisure venues, local businesses, high-footfall areas/parks, high end attractions, education centres and finally Falmouth's most iconic spots on the dark blue.

They are also looking for suggestions for Falmouth-themed Monopoly pieces, so the classic silver hat could be replaced by a pasty or maybe even the town's famous rising bollard.

Several local charities will also be featured, and the railway stations will be replaced with hotels.

If you have any suggestions for the board, the pieces, or a Falmouth Top Trump card, leave a comment below or email falmouth@winningmoves.co.uk.