Fears over the safety of the main road between Helston and Porthleven have been highlighted again following a hit and run at the weekend.

A cyclist was knocked from his bike at Penrose Hill just after 1am on Sunday.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the driver of a car fled the scene, but was later found and arrested.

She added that the cyclist’s injuries were not thought to be life threatening or life changing.

Local eyewitnesses have described seeing six police cars and an ambulance at the scene. There is no footpath or lighting on that section of road, which has a 40mph speed limit.

Now a group residents have come together in a bid to improve the safety for walkers and cyclists using the road.

Dick Powell, a former member of Porthleven Town Council, said he had emailed the council and the area's Cornwall councillors back in June, after walking through Penrose Walk from Helston to Porthleven.

He wrote at the time: "I had the terror, when emerging from Penrose Walk onto the Porthleven Road, of walking back over the hill being buzzed by at least six vehicles. I appreciate that these may have been people I had annoyed when I was a councillor, but it was nevertheless an anxious walk and I was in danger of my person.

"May I ask therefore whether there has been any advance on a safe walkway or path between Helston and Porthleven along this stretch of road?"

He is keen to raise awareness of the road again, as are a number of other residents including Karen Rodden who said: "People fly along that road, it's so dangerous. Penrose is pitch black, which puts people off. I passed in the opposite direction two lads walking back to Helston after the lantern parade, who were on the wrong side - ie walking in the direction of the traffic. It's so dangerous."

Donna Green said: "The road is dangerous but that is clear - I would never in a million years walk along this road in daylight or night.

"I know that the Penrose Estate has a walkway that goes from Porthleven to Helston - perhaps lights for the evening would make this more appealing in the evenings, but I guess that’s down to some kind of consultation with the National Trust if that’s even possible?

The issue has also been raised by other residents of Porthleven as part of research to form the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan, which is in the final stages of completion.

The matter will be raised at this Thursday's meeting of the town council.

Porthleven mayor Andrew Wallis, who is also Cornwall councillor for the port and part of Helston, said: "The landowner has politely refused permission for another footpath placed on their land, as it's farmed, whereas there is already a long standing footpath which people can already access.

"It might not run where people wish, but we should respect the wishes of the landowner who at the last time of asking didn’t want a new footpath."