Volunteers are being urged to help look after the westcountry’s rivers –with the River Fal the next on the list of action.

The Westcountry Rivers Trust is organising monthly river clean ups, on the first Sunday of each month, to clear litter and debris from the region’s waterways, as well undertaking improvement works to restore natural habitats.

The next event will be held on Sunday, October 7 on the River Fal. Anyone wanting to take part in this First Sunday River Cleanup can meet at Tregony carpark at 10am, with volunteers encouraged to wear waterproofs and bring waders if they have them.

As well as helping to remove rubbish, volunteers can get involved in basic restoration work, such as cutting back trees that are reducing light in the rivers. Participants can also learn about the work of the trust by spending time with members of the team, who care for rivers across the South West.

Organiser Bruno Vincent said: “Here at the Westcountry Rivers Trust we nurture and restore rivers across the region. It’s a huge task and one that we could not hope to achieve without the help of volunteers.

“The aim of our First Sunday River Cleanups is to encourage even more people to get involved with our work and discover how rejuvenating it can be to spend time on the river.

“By helping out in such a hands-on way, we hope people will come away from these events with a greater understanding of how to care for our rivers.”

Working with landowners and anglers, the trust has gained access to stretches of river that are not usually open to the public. This will not only give volunteers the opportunity to discover new places but will also improve conditions for fish in popular angling spots.

Bruno added: “In recent years, beach clean ups have become increasingly popular and many people are concerned about plastics entering our ocean. One way that plastic and other rubbish enters the sea is through the rivers, so we hope to inspire people to join us and take it out before it reaches the ocean.

“While the river clean ups will undoubtedly benefit wildlife, especially fish, we hope volunteers will also enjoy the experience of doing good while spending time outdoors and learning something new.”

More details can be found on the Westcountry Rivers Trust Facebook page or by calling the trust on 01579 372140.