Witnesses watched on in horror as a double decker bus became engulfed in flames near Penryn this morning.

The bus came to a halt on the A39, just past the Treluswell roundabout, when flames could be seen coming from the vehicle.

As this video from Carly James shows, the bus quickly turned into a ball of fire.

Firefighters were quickly on the scene, however, with the flames put out with hosereels to leave a burnt out shell.

Police closed Treluswell roundabout heading towards Carnon Downs, initially warning that it could be closed for some time to allow for road repairs.

A spokesperson for First Kernow said: "We can confirm that one of our vehicles whilst not in service caught fire on the A39 earlier this morning. Fortunately the driver exited the vehicle safely.

"The company will launch an investigation to ascertain the cause of the incident.”

See live updates from incident here.

It is the second double decker bus fire in the area in seven weeks, with remarkably similar scenes to St Keverne in August.