Businesses are fighting back after a crime spree hit Helston.

In the last two weeks, six businesses have been targeted by thieves either attempting to or successfully stealing items and cash.

Now, the shops are fighting back and have developed a close network to warn each other of any suspicious incidents so staff can be on their guard.  

Among the businesses hit has been the Rodney Inn, which had charity boxes and £380 lottery money stolen, along with £50 worth of spirits. 

However, CCTV cameras captured a person behind the bar after closing time, which can be seen below: 

In the footage a person wearing a hooded top can be seen ducking down and creeping behind the bar. They are later seen carrying a bag around, although it is not clear what is in it. 

The pub released the footage, along with an appeal for help from landlord Terry Ealey, in a bid to identify the person. The post received a huge reaction and was shared almost 600 times. He has since thanked everyone for their “massive response.”

Speaking to the Packet, Mr Ealey said: “All the information we received through Facebook we have passed to the police and it’s in their hands.”
He has also given a warning to whoever is responsible, saying: “You know who you are and the police are coming for you scumbag.”

The CCTV footage shows a person behind the bar at 2.55am on Friday, September 28 but the thefts were not discovered until somebody went to pay the lottery money in on the Sunday morning.

Police confirmed that £380 in cash, along with £50 worth of spirits, had been taken from and asked anyone with information to email

A number of other business have been targeted, although it is not thought these incidents are connected to the one at the Rodney Inn.
At Outback Trading a number of jackets were stolen from the sale rail after being targeted last Tuesday, October 2. 

A man and a woman came in just after 1pm and while the woman distracted staff by asking questions, the man is seen on CCTV going around the shop with a large bag. 

A staff member told the Packet: "We felt it was a premeditated job because they knew what they were doing.

"After a few minutes we were on their case, because we could tell."

He said they were now re-evaluating the layout of the shop and had some high quality CCTV images and footage of the incident that had been passed to police. 

Also targeted have been Superdrug - where individuals have tried a few times over the last couple of weeks to take items without paying for them - and BeGorgeous hair salon, although it is not thought these incidents are connected to the one at the Rodney Inn. 

Co-owner of BeGorgeous Laura Wallis said a member of staff had been working late when a man came in and tried to take a pair of GHD hair straighteners off a stand. The stylist, Lucy, managed to get the straighteners back from him before the man claimed: “I wasn’t going to steal them.”

He allegedly then tried to tell her that his girlfriend was down the road with a dog and he was going to go and get it.

Praising her employee for her actions, Laura added: “She was very shaken up.”