The family of a boy who was hit by a car on his way to school is launching a road safety campaign after a second child was hit just days later.

On Wednesday morning, 13-year-old Noah Allan was knocked down by a car when crossing Dracaena Avenue between Falmouth Rugby Club and Kimberley Park Road on his way to Penryn College.

Luckily, he only sustained minor injuries, but for his dad Simon it was "one of the most shocking things you could go through, seeing your kid like that at the side of the road."

Falmouth Packet:

He was treated by paramedics at the side of the road 

His mum, Katie Cooke, said: "It's a horrible feeling. He's a very very lucky boy. Even though Noah's fine I just wouldn't want it to happen to anyone."

Traffic was heavy that day, and the driver was travelling under the speed limit when they collided with Noah. His twin brother Hugo bravely stopped the traffic and made sure Noah was breathing before running home and alerting his dad.

Noah's step mum Katie Allan said: "Noah was very lucky. If they were driving 10 miles per hour faster it would be a very different story."

Falmouth Packet:

Luckily Noah only suffered minor injuries

On Friday, an 11-year-old girl was also hit by a car near the petrol station on Dracaena Avenue on her way home from Penryn College. She was conscious and breathing afterwards, according to police.

Now, with the help of Cornwall councillor for Smithick ward Jayne Kirkham, Noah's family are trying to have a pelican crossing installed on that stretch of Dracaena Avenue to make it safer for pedestrians crossing the busy road.

Cornwall councillor for Smithick ward Jayne Kirkham said: "If there are accidents and pedestrian children have been hit walking to school, it's something we have to look at and do what we can as soon as we can."

Mum Katie Cooke said: "Let's do something and let's do it quick because we don't want anyone to be killed."

Dad Simon Allan said: "We are not normally people who would be making any sort of a fuss, but when your kid gets knocked down it puts things into sharp focus. If there's another incident that takes place because of the same factors it would just be shocking because you know that you had the chance to do something about it."

Councillor Jayne Kirkham went on to say: "There's always been a lot of talk about making Falmouth a more pedestrian and cyclist friendly town. I've asked if Cormac could at least provide mobile flashing speed signs on Dracaena Avenue in the meantime.

"As a parent, you always worry when your child is walking to and from school."

They will be starting an online and door-to-door petition to have the pelican crossing installed.

Information about road safety for children can be found by visiting